Letters calling for action due to sexist comments are hypocritical

Published 4:34 pm Monday, September 23, 2019

In arguably another example of “opportunistic overkill,” chairpersons (former and current) of local entities seem to highlight “hypocrisy” in emails obtained through open records from city and county governments.    

In what seems a coordinated attack, both current and past EDP chairpersons, sent emails to our judge-executive and city manager regarding what’s been called “Ankle-Gate.”

Describing himself, in part, as “… a HR professional who has worked with diverse employers …” former EDP Chairman Ben Nelson wrote: “While apologies and sensitivity training are certainly in order, failure to formally censure/discipline Phil will in our opinion, make Boyle County government as an organization complicit in this unprofessional manner.” He then equated the mayor’s words to the same.

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Some questions.

Where were such attitudes when the president of EDP lied to this community and local business owners regarding neutrality in Main Street lane reduction, while in email calling local business owners/citizens names such as “insignificant fringes?”  Where should such actions rate on a “professional scale?” Was inaction “complicit in unprofessional behavior?” There were no calls for immediate dismissal or sensitivity training for the president of the EDP neither was there public apology. Hypocrisy? The tourism director also participated in that backdoor operation while serving on the EDP board.

Why were there no calls of censure or culture/diversity/inclusion training from the tourism director’s or EDP boards when the tourism director reference “Turtle Man” Ernie Brown stating: “We don’t want anyone representing Danville with no teeth.” Wasn’t Brown of male gender? Harassment? Hypocrisy?

Our judge-executive voluntarily called a press conference admonishing the magistrate announcing diversity training. When did the Convention and Visitors Bureau or EDP do the same for their own? “Complicit in unprofessional behavior?”

Considering Mayor Perros and Magistrate Sammons have stood up and spoke out against questionable past EDP actions, does this have more to do with “political strategy?”

While Ben’s attempt to equate the mayor’s words to Magistrate Sammons seems reminiscent of the “Gaffe Gift That Kept on Giving,” it may have more to do with our mayor leading the way in making the EDP Board more fair and equal, thus reducing the power and control both the EDP president and chairmen had previously held over it and community.

“Cast out the beam from thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the speck of thy brother’s?” It seems “hypocrisy” highlights both actions and inactions.

Randy Gip Graham