Arts Commission invites residents to ‘adopt’ fire hydrants 

Published 9:02 am Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Arts Commission of Danville-Boyle County invites families and neighborhoods to “adopt a fire hydrant” in order to keep them looking fresh and welcoming visitors to town. 

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Hadley Jo and Isabella Phillips stand by a hydrant they have chosen to adopt and paint with a design. The Arts Commission of Danville-Boyle County offers residents a chance to adopt hydrants, and choose one of three designs to paint them with.

In 2012, the Arts Commission organized the painting of downtown fire hydrants in Danville to welcome visitors from all over to the vice presidential debate at Centre College.  With the sponsorship of DecoArt and the help of families and neighbor groups, dozens of fire hydrants were dressed up in patriotic red, white and blue. However, that was seven years ago, and the Arts Commission says the fire hydrants need a face lift.

Stan Clifford and DecoArt again agreed to sponsor the project. Fire Chief Ken Pflug was contacted and was immediately onboard with the idea. DecoArt provided Pflug with several designs to consider, as well as donated the materials to paint 90 hydrants, and the chief made his selections. 

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To adopt a fire hydrant, locate the round metal tag attached and note the three digit number.  Some of the tags are missing or difficult to read, so it’s helpful to note the address of the hydrant or an identifying location such as “corner of Fifth and Main” or “in front of the new fire department.”

The completion date for the project is Oct. 31. 

Email the Arts Commission with the number and/or identifying information and the design choice.  Kits may be picked up at the Arts Commission office at McKinney Conference Center at Constitution Square Park.  Kits include paint, color template, instructions and some specific items for each design. Painters need to prepare the hydrant by scraping off the chipping paint and then cleaning the hydrant with window cleaner or rubbing alcohol.  A jug of water will be needed to clean the brush between colors.

To find out more about the fire hydrant adoption project, visit For more information, email