Letter: Beshear, Democrats deserve support from voters

Published 3:07 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2019

From Adele and Doug Greenburg, Harrodsburg —

1. Andy Beshear’s plan for expanded gambling in Kentucky will generate funds or revenue for our state, as well as jobs and provide tourist attractions.

I am amazed at the difference in Harrodsburg with our citizens finally voting to go from dry to wet in regards to alcohol sales. Beaumont Inn, Shaker Village and others are allowed to serve wine or beer now. Harrodsburg has become alive! We already have the lottery in Kentucky and gambling on horses. There is no reason not to allow more gambling in Kentucky rather than people going to Indiana.

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2. Beshear believes pre-existing conditions MUST be included in the health plan for Kentuckians.

3. Beshear respects and supports public schools and  teachers of all aged students. Jacqueline Coleman, an assistant principal and former teacher and coach, is his running mate for Lt. Governor.

4. Beshear believes in following the law set forth by the Supreme Court of the United States of America in Roe vs. Wade whereby the Supreme Court found that women be allowed a choice in regard to abortion and/or planned parenthood. Beshear and this law do not encourage late- term abortion. A woman has  a choice if she is raped or suffers from a serious medical condition. Government will never stop abortions.

5. Candidates on the Democratic ticket are all willing to serve the citizens of Kentucky in a respectful way. They have not been picked or groomed by Mitch McConnell.

We have heard most all of the candidates speak and we feel they are sincere, dedicated and  qualified. This is one election where it is easy to vote straight Democratic ticket.