Grace Café is an amazing asset in Danville

Published 7:16 pm Friday, November 1, 2019

This past Saturday morning, a good friend of mine and his wife were sitting with me at breakfast in Grace Café and as much as I enjoyed the excellent “farm breakfast,” I found myself thinking about how great Grace Café is in our community.

In our society, we are finding less and less civility, and often find ourselves diametrically opposed to one another. But here, we gather both to enjoy excellently prepared food and also the opportunity to help those who may not have had a good hot meal for some time.

While sitting there, some of those folks came because they needed a good, healthy meal. Yes, I was engaged with my friend and his wife, but in the same restaurant, other people of all socio-economic levels came and enjoyed the same food, greeting and talking, with others in the restaurant. I realized, once again, that in God’s sight each person is unique, but is also of equal worth and value. God created each of us and we can come together as a supportive community.

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Danville is fortunate to have some wonderful places to eat. Each is unique and offers us a variety of choices. What is unique about Grace Café is that all can eat there no matter their socio-economic status, enjoy excellent food, and simply be a community. And those of us, who, like me, can pay a little more, know that we are helping defray the costs of serving those who can pay little or nothing.

I would encourage all of our community to eat in Danville, but to include Grace Café in their lunch plans, not only because the food is excellent, but because it is here that we are a true community, regardless of politics, beliefs, socio-economic status. For me to participate in true community at Grace Café was and is possibly one of the greatest gifts of eating there.


Quentin Scholtz