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Published 5:10 pm Monday, November 18, 2019

BCHS senior beginning his journey towards a life of public service


Boyle County High School

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With the most recent primary election now in the books, one young campaign contributor became inspired to create his own footsteps leading towards a life of public service. 

Boyle County senior Daniel McQuerry is involved in a multitude of activities in which he continues to make a definite impact. His positive attitude and strong leadership skills enable him to make a difference in and outside the classroom. 

Just this fall, he was a volunteer campaign coordinator for state Auditor Mike Harmon, leading him to an opportunity to join his fellow Republicans at the Louisville Galt House to celebrate Harmon’s victory.  

McQuerry has also has been an inaugural contributor in the production of a sports-based YouTube livestream at the high school. His technical skills in creating videos and graphics, coupled with his directing abilities, immensely contribute to the overwhelming success of the Boyle County Sports Network (BCSN) broadcasts seen by thousands every weekend.

Much like his various contributions, what truly makes him so impressive happens behind the scenes. The motivation behind McQuerry’s hard work has no ties to recognition, but rather how he can benefit others.

McQuerry’s journey at Boyle County began when he transferred in 8th grade. He feels that the impact of the staff and welcoming community helped him become the person he is today. “Luckily, that had a lot to do with teachers. I moved to Boyle County in middle school and it was totally different from the atmosphere of my previous school.”

His greatest stage of personal growth took place when he transitioned into the high school. ”A lot of teachers at Boyle pressure you into doing things you normally wouldn’t do. They get you out of your comfort zone.

“I encourage everybody here to get involved in either an agricultural education class or a business education class. All those classes mean something and the teachers are the best. Coach (Michelle) Fei, Coach (David) Christopher, Mrs. (Toni) Meyers who was here previously, Mr. (Matt) Anderson, and Mr. (Matt) Whitaker are all good people that you need to work with.”

This persuasive environment continues to spark inspiration for him. McQuerry has high aspirations for his future.

“I would love to be governor or president. I would love to do all of that, but of course, you have to keep your goals achievable. I want to make a difference in everyone’s life, not just my own.” 

McQuerry finds motivation to work towards his ambitious goals and dreams in serving others. As usual, his concern lies less with what he can gain, and more with what he can give.

“I like to see people laugh. I like to see people smile. So, my goal in life is to make people enjoy life instead of hating their situation. You could be going through a terrible situation in your life, and just as long as you go at it with a positive mindset, you’ll be good.”

The unique gift of bringing people together is what sets McQuerry apart.

“I want everybody to be happy, and I want to unite people instead of separating them. Everybody should be together, and not just Americans. We’re all humans. We all have a common goal, and that is just to live happily throughout our own lives.”

Summarizing the passion he feels for the simplistic cause of making others happy, McQuerry emphasizes, “This is my biggest statement to everybody — everything can be said graciously and it changes lives for others. Kindness is what’s going to keep our country going and what keeps our nation strong. We have to learn, together we will go far. As they say, united we stand; divided we fall. Kill them with kindness!” 

He is a great example of how outlook shapes your life. His positivity and desire to give touches many. Selflessness will always lead his attempts to achieve his ambitious goals. His determination is never for personal benefit.

“I want to be somebody who’s making a difference in the world. I don’t want to be a politician who’s doing it for my own personal glory. The legacy I want to leave behind is the achievements we’ve accomplished together.”


Whitaker leaving Boyle ag program after nine years


Boyle County High School

An era closes for Boyle County High School agriculture students and FFA members as one beloved teacher and role model for many departs to make his impact on others.

After nine years of teaching everything from small engine repair to aquaculture, Matthew Whitaker has gut-wrenchingly decided to pursue new opportunities at his alma mater, Rockcastle County High School. He will be leaving Boyle at the end of this fall semester.

Whitaker will take with him many fond memories after years of working with numerous FFA members. Bringing a smile to his face has been the accomplishments of his students, as well as the tremendously fun times he has had with them on trips and at events. He is very proud to have witnessed the success of so many hard working FFA students under his advising. 

Not only does he take long lasting memories, but long lasting relationships as well.

My favorite thing about working here is the relationships I’ve developed with students who have been very involved in FFA, and then being able to keep up with those students as they’ve pursued their dreams after high school,” he said.

Leaving Boyle County will be hard for Whitaker, but he is hopeful for the opportunities Rockcastle County holds for him.

“I am very excited to be starting at Rockcastle, but also very sad to be leaving behind some awesome people in Boyle County.”


Baker, Hotchkiss sign to play for Wright State


Boyle County High School

On National Signing Day, seniors Drew Baker and Grant Hotchkiss signed to play baseball for Wright State University.

Hotchkiss and Baker are very excited about their futures after overcoming major surgeries that placed both of them on the injured reserve list for two entire high school seasons. Hotchkiss is thrilled to continue playing the game he loves.

“I’m just happy to be able to keep playing baseball,” he said.

He also feels like he made the perfect college choice.

“The (Wright State) coaches just stuck with me through my injuries,” he said.

Baker also looks forward to this awesome opportunity.

“I’m very excited for what is to come,” Baker said.

He also feels that this college choice was the perfect fit for him.

“The reason I chose this school is because of the great baseball tradition they have there,” he said.

Head baseball coach Kyle Wynn feels both of these young men are not only great players, but great leaders as well.

“The team looked up to these two because of the way they fought adversity and overcame the injuries they had to deal with,” Wynn said.