Shopping local throughout the region

Published 4:29 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Last week, it was time for the grand-doggies to come for vacation. So we drove west on 150 to make the pickup.

Since we like to make every trip count, we planned stops at our favorite retailers. Our first stop was Boone’s Butcher Shop on Old Bloomfield Road in Bardstown. Butchers were carrying out fresh cut chops and ribs. We picked up a large jar of Bartlett pears ready to be eaten, baked, or even poached. Deli cases were full of cheese and meats. Boone’s will make lunch sandwiches. If you have deer to be dressed, Boone’s will do that. If you are looking for smoked pigs’ ears, they are available, too.

On we went to Olde Delaney’s Country Ham Store north of Bardstown on 150. We like their sliced, baked country ham and their sausage. An added treat is the jam cake. We bought slices and ordered a cake for Thanksgiving. Jams and jellies are plentiful; so is candy of various kinds. And they ship!

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Coming back along 150, we stopped at Parkview IGA in Springfield. Their deli is much like the one that used to be in Danville. Shopping is easy since the parking is good and the store is a manageable size. Chatting with the clerk while checking out, we learned she had been in Danville two weeks ago for surgery.

Leaving Springfield, we drove through their downtown to see the building Holly Wiedemann mentioned during her talk at the recent Smart Growth Conference.

We had ordered gifts from Mitchell’s in Campbellsville. Their service is incredible; the quality of their items cannot be equaled. When we arrived home, our first order of the season was in our mailbox!

We do shop often at Durham’s Grocery in Stanford. They, too, have a good deli. Country ham salad is great for the holidays. Parking is easy, never is a line allowed to form at checkout, and someone is always available to carry your purchases to your car. Durham’s will prepare your country ham for you. Burke’s Bakery doughnuts, pies and dinner rolls are available there. Happy to see Durham’s full-page ad in The Advocate this week!

We consider all of this shopping local. Each of these retailers is independent and family owned. Each small town has something unique to offer! What we spend with these businesses remains largely in our community. Local does not stop at the county line.

Anne and Charles Ferguson