From Our Schools: Librarian helps book club begin at Danville High School

Published 4:44 pm Monday, November 25, 2019


Danville High School

DHS is presenting the 2019-20 book club for students after school. On Nov. 12, the DHS book club had their first meeting after school.

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The book club is led by DHS Librarian Laura Eason. The club will meet once a month and will discuss many series of books.

According to Eason, “My plans are sort of predicated on what the students want … I’ll have some suggestions, but I want them to choose what they want to read.”

Eason wants each student to give ideas on what they read and encourages students at DHS to come to the next meeting. When students choose a book, she continues to say that, “I am hoping to get enough copies of the book so each student can have a copy to keep.”

When meeting with the book club, each student will receive their personal copy of the book; the choices of books and genre is up to the students to decide on. For example, one month students can choose to read a sports book and the next month can be a fiction.

The book club isn’t meant to feel like an assignment. When asked what will be covered during the book club, Eason says that  ̈ It won’t be something that you really need to study or memorize, even if you just read part of the book. It will be a club where each student gets to enjoy [reading].”

Eason encourages anyone who is a bookworm or anyone in general to come at least once to the book club. It is an opportunity to branch out into new books and genres, and to even find a new book. Future meeting dates will be released to students as soon as a schedule is set.