Problems with Trump go way back

Published 5:44 pm Thursday, December 5, 2019

The news media is simply “loaded” every day with news of or about our current President, Mr. Donald Trump. Our congressional leaders in the House of Representatives are currently in the process of conducting hearings to build a case for impeachment of Mr. Trump. Our founding Fathers put in place many policies and laws to protect us all from any president abusing their power and causing harm to our country or any U.S. citizens.

I am a little older than Mr. Trump and I am originally from New York State, not New York City, but

upstate New York (fairly close to Canada). Being from New York, of course, and Mr. Trump being from the New York City area, I am aware of Mr. Trump’s presence as he was often in the media being a building construction contractor.

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His big defeat was when he tried to build/open a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Back then of course, the mafia had pieces of a lot of businesses and if I recall correctly, he couldn’t come to terms with the mafia around employee wages or at least this Is what was in the newspaper. Whether this was true or not, I can’t say. Nonetheless he failed at this venture and I believe he filed for bankruptcy.

It was on the news recently that someone overheard Mr. Trump saying in a very low voice that he was “the chosen one.” I think this was not a major statement, but something that he mumbled or said in lower voice after some sort of meeting he had at the White House. (Note: this may or may not be true, but I choose to believe that he said it).

Then of course there are the many “LIES” that he has told and most of which have been verified by the news media. The last number I saw on the news was over 1,100 lies. As American citizens this is nothing for us to be proud of.

I heard just this morning a comment from a former Republican congressional leader who was on TV asking the American people if former President Obama had done what they claim Mr. Trump has done they would have already Impeached him.

It’s time to “dump Trump” and “ditch Mitch”, but you have to go VOTE.

Fred Cummings

Junction City