Letter: Alternatives to fireworks at Rebel football games

Published 5:50 pm Thursday, December 19, 2019

From David Seidel, Danville —

The high school football season is over. The Boyle County Rebels had a fantastic year. We all love them. Now, can we discuss one aspect of games at Rebel Stadium: The Fireworks. The booms rattle the windows of nearby houses. And when the team is successful, they boom a lot.

I understand that it adds excitement to the game, that it is a tradition that has been around a long time, that Centre and others in the area also make loud noises, and that some believe that naysayers lack true community spirit.

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But consider the effect of the blasts on neighbors. McDowell Place and Morning Pointe are almost next door — their elderly residents are upset by the noise. And especially consider the Humane Society — their dogs and cats were already traumatized before the blasts assault their sensitive hearing.

I’m not necessarily proposing eliminating the fireworks, just opening discussion. Some possibilities are:

  • Lower the intensity of the boom (of course, it can be lowered).
  • Replace the fireworks with something equally stirring – maybe the band playing the fight song.
  • Create a special cheer for each Rebel score.

I hope we are a community of fair-minded folks that will consider all aspects of this issue and will reach a resolution that meets everyone’s needs.