Local author Stansbury to lead writing workshop

Published 4:48 pm Friday, January 3, 2020


Boyle County Public Library

For the past two years, the Boyle County Public Library has hosted a yearly writing workshop led by local author Paul Stansbury. One of the workshops focused on how to write a speculative fiction short story. The other workshop, which was called ‘Memories Worth Remembering,’ focused on learning to write personal recollections. As a follow-up to the success of the recollection workshop, the library wanted to give aspiring writers the chance to participate once more. 

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“I’m excited about ‘Memories Worth Remembering II,’” says Stansbury. “Our first workshop was such a rewarding experience for all who participated, I jumped at the opportunity to do a follow-up.” 

Beginning on Saturday, Jan. 11 at 2 p.m. at the library, Stansbury will lead this four-part writing workshop that will provide a creative forum where writers can discuss ideas, receive feedback, and learn how to write about their recollections. While some may be intimidated by the task of getting started putting pen to paper, this workshop will help writers get over that hurdle. “We’ve all sat around the kitchen table and shared a fond memory or two,” says Stansbury. “Maybe it was the time Grandma taught us how to bake snickerdoodles or the first time Dad took us fishing. The story is already there inside us. The workshop simply helps us get it on paper.” 

Writing workshops at the library are free and intended to be accessible for all. “This workshop is for everyone, from the fledgling writer to the experienced veteran. No previous writing experience is needed,” says Stansbury. The library even supplies pencils and paper for participants of the workshop. 

At the first session, Stansbury will walk through the writing process. The writers, armed with that information, will then head off to work on writing one or more short recollections (500-2,000 words each) about a life experience. The other weekly sessions will be used for getting feedback and individualized assistance from Stansbury. Those sessions will be held on Jan. 18, 25, and Feb.1 at 2 p.m. at the library.

In addition, workshop participants will have the opportunity to have their stories published in a small chapbook which will be added to the library’s collection. A voluntary follow-up reading for friends, family, and the public will be held at the library once the collection of recollections is finalized.  


About Stansbury


Paul Stansbury is a life-long native of Kentucky. He is the author of “Inversion – Not Your Ordinary Stories”, “Inversion II – Creatures, Fairies, and Haints, Oh My!”, and “Down By the Creek – Ripples and Reflections” as well as a novelette: “Little Green Men?’

His speculative fiction stories have appeared in a number of print anthologies as well as a variety of online publications. Now retired, he lives in Danville, Kentucky.

His poetry has appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, Young Ravens Literary Review, Strange Poetry and Kentucky Monthly and read as part of a concert by Sounding Joy: A Woman’s Life.

He is a contributing writer for The Advocate-Messenger newspaper, scheduling coordinator for The Jeanne Penn Lane Celebration of Kentucky Writers (Formerly Historic Penn’s Store Kentucky Writers Day Celebration), and a member of the Board of Directors of Scarlet Cup Theater. He is the owner of Sheppard Press.

More information about this and other upcoming library events and resources can be found at www.BoylePubLib.org or by calling the library at (859) 238-7323.