Letter: Design of crossing lights on Main is bad

Published 1:23 pm Tuesday, January 7, 2020

From David L. Crain, Mitchellsburg —

Read with much interest John Wynd’s report to you regarding the traffic signals at Third and Main.

I noticed the exact same thing while turning east onto Main going south on Third the other day.

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I don’t question the functioning of the signals as designed. I do question the designs. It seems to me they didn’t give enough consideration to the normal reaction to a driver with a big truck roaring into his face even though he is correct and going to turn left and a small, silent scurrying pedestrian may be trying to beat the light, window shop or looking at their phone on your left in your peripheral vision, one, two or three seconds more or less in the timing of the lights, or no left turns, could possibly prevent a lot of pain, suffering, expense or even loss of human life.

Speaking of designers, the designer of my paper must have lost or not “designed” my page 8 as I couldn’t find it — had that happen several times lately.

During my two-year tropical vacation, courtesy of the United States Army, my buddies and I at Schofield Barracks liked the Danville paper much better than the local Honolulu Star Bulletin and most everyone in my unit in my infantry division read it.