Anger over refusal to impeach turns to grief

Published 5:30 pm Monday, February 3, 2020

I’m 75 years old. I grew up believing that there were rules that governed human behavior. Of course, there were always going to be people who did not live by those rules, who would do things beyond my imagining. Some people would get away with murder — literally. But we had strong laws and dedicated people who enforced those laws. There was a code of behavior that included kindness, caring, empathy and basic ethics.

In the last three years, so much has been turned upside-down. I no longer recognize The United States and many of its inhabitants. I cannot comprehend why my fellow citizens cheer and encourage the lies and hatred that spew from Trump’s mouth. I don’t understand how the men and women in government can turn a blind eye to the evil, criminal behavior of this president. How do they live with themselves? How do they condone stripping away protections for the most vulnerable? How do they watch while our planet becomes more and more embattled and degraded?

When it became clear that the fix was in and we wouldn’t have witnesses in the Senate “trial”, I felt rage. And, then, slowly, I felt something else. It was grief. Grief for all we’ve lost. Grief for our Democracy.

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Jim Porter