Don’t spend any more on Weisiger fountain

Published 5:32 pm Monday, February 3, 2020

I commend you on your recent editorial about the Weisiger Park fountain.  

It hasn’t been too long ago that the City of Danville commissioners were concerned about the lack of revenue and, in response, implemented a series of significant tax increases. At the time, we were told that this extra revenue was needed to fund essential projects like a new fire station and fire truck and streetscape and other infrastructure projects, as well as to fund the increased pension costs facing the city.

To spend another $100,000 on this corner of ground is anything but essential. If in fact the city now finds that it is flush with cash, there are many more important public safety and social needs, as your editorial accurately points out, that could be addressed with this newfound wealth. No public funds should be used for the fountain.

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Larry Clark