Rand Paul disobeyed chief justice

Published 5:31 pm Monday, February 3, 2020

I wish someone could explain to me how someone who was born in Pennsylvania and attended school at Duke University of all places became one of Kentucky’s two representatives in the Senate.

During the impeachment hearings last week, Rand Paul repeatedly violated the rules set out by the Chief Justice. Against the orders of Chief Justice Roberts, he twice tried to ask a question that would identify the alleged whistleblower.

When his second attempt was rejected, he left the hearing, again in violation of the rules, to grandstand on TV. If any one of us flaunted the court orders of the judge in a trial, we would be arrested for contempt.

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If Rand Paul wants to be above the law he should run for president again. If he wins, he truly will be, thanks to the precedent set last week in the United States Senate. 

Diana Linville