McConnell spreading lies about impeachment acquittal

Published 5:09 pm Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mitch McConnell has chosen to spread lies and partisan defense of president Trump again in this newspaper. I have this response to his words, words which would have sent the early patriots into a frenzy!

There are too many lies in his editorial to actually respond to all of them; here are some of my reflections. 

I’m sure Mitch considers himself to be PATRIOTIC. How could such a person think it was right for the president to ask a foreign country to investigate one of the citizens of this country? At the very least he could have used departments of our own government to conduct such an investigation. This shows he was more concerned with finding dirt on his political opponent than fighting corruption.

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Though I am not a politician or lawyer, I think anyone who watched the proceedings of the Intelligence Committee could see that Republicans had plenty of time to question the witnesses! And Trump had several invitations to appear before this committee. They could also see how Jim Jordan comported himself. The same could be said of congressman Douglas Collins.

Most of all, in the senator’s tirade of untruths and defenses there was no mention of the only Republican senator to vote GUILTY. It should be noted that this conscientious Republican, Mitt Romney, was insulted immediately with the president’s tweet. Though tweets do not rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, they certainly reveal the mind of the sender. We have seen vindictiveness, shallow thinking, and often poor spelling.

I hope that Mitch‘s words directed to President Obama will ring true. This is my message: It will be the greatest achievement to see that President Trump is a one-term president and that the leader of the Senate has been retired.

Jeanette Fieberg