From our files, Feb. 15, 2020

Published 5:18 pm Friday, February 14, 2020

100 YEARS AGO — 1920


In a slashing, dashing game at Centre College gymnasium Saturday night, Centre’s Colonels basketball team overwhelmed State University’s Wildcats (University of Kentucky) by a score of 44-15. Though the game started rather slowly, it acquired momentum as it progressed so that by the middle of the second period, it was very fast.

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A bill placing a 50-cent tax on each gallon of 38 million gallons of whiskey stored in warehouses in Kentucky, passed the House this morning. The revenue will go to the road fund.


The Park, owned by J.T. Parks, and the Shop Perfect, owned by a corporation os W.S. Glore, C.P. Cecil Jr., and others, consolidated these two soft drink establishments by merging. The new company will be Little Britain Company, with a capital stock of $30,000. Mr. Parks will manage both stores, which will continue to operate at their current locations. The Shop Perfect, on the corner of Third and Main, and the Park, on Main between Third and Fourth. The name Little Britain is a popular one, being a traditional name applied to Danville.


Centre College Colonels basketball team overwhelmed the University of Louisville at the St. Xavier gym by a score of 61 to 7.


Senator Jay W. Harlan, of Danville, whose bill to provide a law for the suppression of mob violence and lynchings, passed the Senate by a vote of 34 to 2. Harlan’s bill provides the automatic removal from office of any sheriff who loses his prisoner to a mob.


75 YEARS AGO — 1945


Edgar Newlin Jr., prominent attorney in Danville and graduate of Centre College with the class of 1923, was elected as a member of the Danville Board of Education to succeed the late Dr. John Davis Jackson.


Sergeant West T. Hill Jr., former resident of the McGrorty apartments and teacher of English of the 20th College Training detachment at Centre College, was wounded on Jan. 19 at Luxembourg, Germany. He is recovering in a hospital but no other information is available. Following the call to military service last year, Mrs. Hill and their young daughter, Paula, left Danville for Owensboro while her husband is with the armed forces.


Donations from the public toward the planting of trees on the grounds of Darnall General Hospital have been solicited by the Garden Club of Danville for its community project. Many towns throughout Kentucky have already planted areas at Darnall post.


50 YEARS AGO — 1970


Members of the Danville Education Association, called into session on Friday afternoon and polled for the second time in five days on the matter of the KEA’s proposed work stoppage, voted 55 to 20 as opposed to such action. This indicates that the Danville teachers desire to support the schools, students and community, but they don’t want to strike. However, they may be forced to support the KEA in a work stoppage.


In August, Captain “Spud” Roscoe H. Halcomb Jr., was presented with the Legion of Merit Medal for his exceptional service while performing the duties of Civic Action Officer of MAG-11 in the Republic of Vietnam. Today, he and his wife are visiting his parents on Perkins Avenue and are planning a Florida trip since his discharge two days ago. “Spud” is a graduate of Danville High School and of Centre College. He was in the Air Force for four years and four months and saw extensive duty overseas.


The first priority among five recommendations for the Danville Independent School District in a facility survey report by the Kentucky Department of Education, is that Danville Bate Junior High School be replaced by a middle school center to serve all students in the district in grades 6, 7 and 8.


The newly formed non-profit Bluegrass Science, Education and Research Foundation has formed with 24 members from the boards and medical staffs at J.B. Haggin Memorial Hospital and Ephraim McDowell Memorial Hospital. The vice-presidents of the foundation will establish and operate the proposed new comprehensive health center between Harrodsburg and Danville. One of the chief functions of the new health center for persons wishing to enter various allied health fields, including nurses, laboratory technicians, medical assistants, medical records librarians and others, will receive their training at the new health complex.


25 YEARS AGO — 1995


While a request for a gravel road leading to Meadow Lane Cemetery was resolved last week by the Danville City Commission, disagreements over handling of property off Cowan Street remain. Ida Johnson, representing the cemetery committee, said the main concern was access to the cemetery. She asked that rock be put on Meadow Lane, that an existing cattle guard be taken out of the lane and that a turn-around be provided at the cemetery. Harold Kilby, who owns property on both sides of the lane, said he was agreeable to the request.


The Danville City Commission approved putting in underground wiring and decorative poles in the subdivisions recently annexed into the city limits, but it would bill the residents for the cost. However, work won’t begin until the city can get a better feel for the chances of collecting the money. The subdivisions are Argyll, Bluegrass Estates, Streamland and Weisiger Woods.