Black voters are leaving Democratic Party

Published 6:31 pm Monday, February 17, 2020

There is a pivotal movement going on in American politics today. At the forefront of this profound shift is visionary National Commentator and author Candace Owens, who will make an appearance in Danville, Friday, Feb. 21. Tickets are available. She is the author of the book “BLACKOUT,” which chronicles why African American voters are leaving the Democratic Party. 

It’s an easy sell really — our current Republican president has done more to benefit the African American community than any president in the last 50 years. With sensible pro-growth policies, the economy has boomed for ALL DEMOGRAPHICS. African American unemployment has gone from over 10% to 5.4% — the LOWEST in history! Wage growth topped 3% last year, after being stagnant for a decade. Trump’s new USMCA trade agreement will increase worker’s wages. 

President Trump has shown sensitivity to the large black prison population by creating the First Step Program, which has already resulted in a path to early release for thousands of deserving black Americans. 

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Interestingly, Boyle County has a history of active black Republicans. According to historian Brenda S. Edwards, Rev. John Edmund Wood was a Delegate to the National Republican Convention in Chicago in 1912. His daughter, Marguerite Wood, studied music in New York and Vienna Austria. She was a paid speaker at a Republican meeting at Danville’s First Baptist Church in 1935. 

The Republican philosophies of equality, rule of law, personal responsibility, respect for God and Country and freedom appeal to a large spectrum of Americans across all ethnic lines. African American voters are starting to leave the Democratic Party, which takes them for granted and forsakes that allegiance by failing to actually improve their lives. 

Candance Owens evaluates the facts and looks at African American interests with a clear head. Democrats still preach the tired old rhetoric of identity politics, and victimhood which divides us. Republicans see all Americans as owners in a set of ideals which is a unifying force. 

This is the land of opportunity – after all, we elected a black president. In this day and age, the Democratic claim of perpetual victimhood falls flat. 


Eben D. Henson