In response to letters about Candace Owens

Published 6:25 pm Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I write in response to two letters about Candace Owens’ speech in Danville.

First, “Centre should resist the temptation to suppress free speech” praises Centre for supporting free speech and diversity, and cites my own work on white privilege and free speech.  It mentions that there were initial talks to rent an auditorium at Centre to the local Republican Party for a speech by Ms. Owens. Those talks did not result in a contract. This speech would not have been a Centre event, which are all free to Centre students.  It would have been an expensive ticket on a student budget. Also, Ms. Owens’ free speech was not suppressed – as shown by the fact that she is giving a speech in Danville anyway.

What Ms. Owens makes a living promoting is the idea that African Americans should leave the Democratic Party and support the Republican Party.  The other letter, “Black voters are leaving the Democratic Party,” gets a little ahead of itself. Only 8 percent of African Americans voted for President Trump.  The letter claims that President Trump “has done more to benefit the African American community than any president in the last 50 years.” Black support for President Trump has now risen all the way to — 10 percent.  They have not forgotten the president’s claim that there were “good people” among the white supremacists at Charlottesville.

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And neither have we.  

Beau Weston

Chair, Boyle County Democratic Party