Quarantine ends for Centre students who traveled to China

Published 6:29 pm Wednesday, February 19, 2020


The Centre College students who were quarantined last week have been cleared to return to normal activities. They were quarantined as a precaution after returning to campus from China, where there is a widespread outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

“We’re out of the woods,” said Centre’s Chief Communications Officer Michael Strysick. “All are well and things are getting back to normal.”

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In a message sent by Centre President John Roush to the school’s students, faculty and staff, late Tuesday afternoon, he wrote, “… all of our students who were quarantined and under restricted movement based on the recommendation from the Kentucky Department for Public Health have been cleared to resume their regular activities. Kathy Jones, our director of student health, received the very good news just a few hours ago.”

Roush also extended his gratitude to Jones and others “for handling this situation with such professionalism and grace … and to the campus as a whole for its patience and understanding.”

Late last week Roush and his wife, Susie, visited the students “from a safe distance” and shared with them donuts and gingerbread men from Burke’s Bakery, which “helped lift their spirits,” which was something that they really appreciated, Strysick said.

After the quarantined students were cleared to leave isolation, “The campus community as a whole was very welcoming,” Strysick said. 

“In the coming days, the campus community can celebrate at two events sponsored by the International Student Association — a Chinese Food Festival and an Intercultural Ball,” he said. The events had been planned well in advance of the quarantine. But they will be “two treat opportunities to say, ‘Welcome back!’”