Letter: Disappointed in Centre College

Published 6:01 pm Tuesday, February 25, 2020

From Mary Hollis, Danville —

I wish to express my deep disappointment regarding a recent decision made by Centre College.  When the Boyle County Republicans decided to sponsor an event featuring author and TV personality Candace Owens as the main speaker, Centre College was viewed as an ideal venue. Contacts were made, and the Republicans were given both a verbal and an email confirmation indicating the event could be held at the college.

But then the rug was pulled out from under them and Centre reneged. Their explanation was Ms. Owens was too divisive. Since the college touts such platitudes as diversity and inclusion, I found their logic to be faulty. Boyle County Republicans had to seek out another location, and the Showroom was chosen.

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Ms. Owens spoke to a sold-out crowd there on Friday evening, 2/21. However, because of limited space, fewer attendees could be accommodated.  This situation has left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Centre College and the way in which things were mismanaged.