From Our Files, March 7, 2020

Published 6:49 pm Friday, March 6, 2020

100 YEARS AGO — 1920


While the family was at church, someone entered the home of Will Perkins on Second Street and stole $12. Sheriff Farris was notified as soon as the theft was discovered and within 35 minutes, he had followed the tracks in the snow and arrested Tom Gray. He confessed and gave up the money when he reached the work house.

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People who are interested in locating a hosiery mill in Danville has requested the Chamber of Commerce give them some idea about the labor situation in this city. If sufficient labor could be secured here, they would locate one of their plants in Danville. A large number would be employed  here, which would use both white and colored men and women. A Chamber member if getting the names of all persons desiring to work in the hosiery mill and hopes to be able to find a sufficient number to induce the men seeking the location to come here.


Chas. W. Caldwell is filling his ice house today. It is 3 to 4 inches thick and clear as crystal. This is something unusual for the 9th day in March in Kentucky.


DeWitt C. Tucker, of Danville, showed his grandfather, Isaac C. Shelby’s, old bull’s eye watch, with “To Isaac C. Shelby, Kentucky’s first Governor from a friend,” inscribed on the back case. It is an open case watch and was handed down to Mrs. D.C. Tucker from her grandmother, and from her to Mr. DeWitt Tucker. He would not part with it for money. He also showed this office an old Bible printed in 1789 and and bought by Rev. John Tucker, of Bradfordsville, in 1791, and used by him to preach for over 40 years.


The Junction City teachers have asked the city policeman to help them get the boys and girls home as soon as they get out of school, instead of loafing around town and playing keeps and killing time, which should be spent in helping around home and studying.


75 YEARS AGO — 1945


A convoy of 25 army trucks from the Louisville area picked up a large number of boats from Herrington Lake for use in the flooded areas, it was reported last night. The trucks visited all major fishing camps on the lake and collected anything that looked like it could float. Boats from Herrington Lake were used in Louisville during the flood of 1937 and provided valuable aid.


Mrs. Maurice Hogue entertained with a shower at the home of her mother, Mrs. Glyn Burke, for Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burke III. Mrs. Burke was the former Miss Mary Ann Biles. Another shower was hosted by Miss Betty Richardson and Miss Lucy Donnelly for Mrs. Burke at Old Crowe Inn. The navy colors of blue and white were used in the decorations and little Dolores Crooks, dressed as a sailor, presented the gifts to the honored guest.


Three church services and Sunday School will compose the Debt Free Dedicaiton of the Lexington Avenue Baptist church on Sunday, said Dr. Ralph R. Couey, pastor of the church.


Miss Barbara Dickiinson, 11, is one of the modern young women who has invaded a man’s field of work. The sixth-grade student at Maple Avenue School recently assumed her brother, Wentz’s newspaper route and has for a tie, carried 108 newspapers daily to customers along the East Main Street, Alta Avenue, Adams Street and Stanford Avenue areas. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Dickinson.


50 YEARS AGO — 1970


The election of three men to the Board of Directors of the Citizens National Bank has been announced by bank president Ebb Bell. The new board members are Don Williams who is a partner in Riffemoor Antiques; John Frazer, general secretary and assistant president of Centre College; and James Jackson, president of Jackson Chair Co.


A popular store in Danville is taking on a new name and personality. The O&L Department Store at 232 West Walnut St., has been purchased by Family stores and is currently undergoing renovations. The Family Store will add several departments and expand others so that the store will be a compact, 10,000-square foot store and the first of its kind in Danville. They will sell everything from shoes and shirts to bicycles and hardware.


Constitution Square has been featured in the March issue of Southern Living Magazine. The article entitled, “When Statehood Was in Flower,” and stated, “Constitution Square is that tiny bit of acreage in downtown, Danville, Kentucky, where a group of hard-bargaining frontiersmen decided that Virginia was just too far away for a full-time governor to be living. And it was on the square at Danville where a state was born.”


25 YEARS AGO — 1995


A Danville High School student has been charged with having a loaded gun at the school during the regional basketball tournament. The 16-year-old boy was taken to the principal’s office after a .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol fell out of his pocket.. A supervisor saw the incident in the gym lobby and took the student to the office. The boy said the gun was not his and he was holding it for someone else.


Three construction projects are getting off the ground in Danville, including an addition to Kay-Bee Toys on Lebanon Road. The other two projects are being developed at both corners of Baughman Avenue and Hustonville Road. Fast-food restaurant, Sonic, is planning an outlet on the south corner. The north corner will be a 4,768-foot building for Betty Pemberton for a beauty shop and professional offices.


In the span of just a few hours late Tuesday and early Wednesday, temperatures had soared into the upper 60s and which poured a spring-like rain, turned brutal then temperatures dropped into the 20s and blasted the five-county area with a snowstorm. The storm first dropped more than two inches of rain and then more than three inches of snow.