Coronavirus leads some to buy things they don’t need

Published 6:13 pm Tuesday, March 24, 2020

During the epidemic of the coronavirus, many people are rushing to the grocery store to purchase loads of products. Products like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, Clorox, and other cleaning supplies are being mass purchased.

The coronavirus panic has wiped out most grocery/drug stores leaving their shelves empty. Most grocery stores can not even restock their aisles because the shelves will be empty again.

People are also becoming greedy by buying more of what they actually need.

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Mia Alonzo states, “I do think people are getting greedy. They are taking food that they don’t need.”

People are also selling products at high prices on the internet. For example, a bottle of sanitizer can cost up to $10-$20, or even a roll of toilet paper can cost $20 when it is sold online. Maria Bravo states that she believes “people are being greedy during the virus by taking more things and not leaving enough for the people who actually need it.”

Bravo also states that when people resell items, “it’s unfair to others because some people cannot afford the prices they are putting the items at.”

People are just wasting products that other people can benefit from. Hannah Sparks, a DHS senior and Walmart associate states, “I think it is crazy when I do see some people not getting the food they really need and it is so sad to see them leave empty-handed.”

Although the whole world is panicking, we should remember the importance of being nice and remembering that there are others who need more. Give a reaching hand to someone who needs help because it is now when the world needs to be kind to each other during this crisis. 


Juliana Tecpile