Public needs more information about how virus is spreading

Published 11:20 pm Monday, April 13, 2020

Our medical workers, grocery store and gas station and all necessary business workers are doing amazing and truly brave work, kudos to them all. And I’m wishing good thoughts toward any who are ill and getting better.

But I do take issue with how the public has been left bereft in regard to getting specific information about how infections have been spread in our county. There was a bare bones hospital press release in your paper recently that left me asking more questions than it answered.

The press release said there had been a handful of new infections and for more information visit your county health department, and when I went to that website their information was not current by over 10 days.

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I know everyone is doing the best they can, in strange and stressful times, but why can’t the public be told such things as: How many of our local positives became infected in Boyle County as opposed to traveling; were any likely infected at the hospital? Were any infected in closed circles like a family? Were any likely infected shopping in local stores? Did the positives practice any kind of social distancing?

I totally understand that social distance protocol as advocated by our governor is what we all need to do now, but I would think that knowing more about the positives in Boyle County, as opposed to less, would help us better prepare how we deal with this.  Everyone, stay safe.

Robby Henson