Proud of way Kentuckians are all making shared sacrifices

Published 11:58 pm Thursday, April 16, 2020

Easter – The Resurrection! Christian history is well chronicled in the Bible including the resurrection of Jesus Christ after crucifixion and death to which we celebrate with the holiday Easter. My hope is that Easter 2020 will also signify a resurrection from the death and sickness caused by the pandemic COVID 19.

Hopes and prayer are fine. Hopes and doing are different. Together they can work!

We have after five weeks experienced a new norm in our daily lives that is helping to flatten the curve of suffering. This has happened by doing what is advised and by doing what it takes in terms of altered life styles and sacrifice. I applaud those front line workers from grocery stores to nursing homes that like first care responders and health care professionals are there for us. The rest of us are asked to do our part by using common sense and playing by the rules.

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I am proud of my fellow Kentuckians who, given their capabilities, have produced hand sanitizers, facial masks, and are working on cures and vaccines for the virus. By doing due diligence and with perseverance we as a Commonwealth can be like our collegiate sports teams in being among the best in the nation at obtaining our goals. One of those goals, although very compassionately heart warming, is to not light up the Capitol or City Hall green which represents a COVID 19 related death or death’s in our state. Go TeamKY!

Please do not forget that in our doing that we support those who need us now so they will be there for us later. I refer to arts, recreation, churches, libraries, play houses, small businesses, including restaurants, etc.

Belated Happy Easter wishes to my Danville-Boyle County and surrounding county neighbors. Together we will!

Rick Serres