Strong faith can overcome lack of a physical location

Published 10:23 pm Thursday, April 16, 2020

I am writing this as a Christian. I am writing as a senior in college who worked hard for years to graduate in May. I am writing as someone who has something to lose. I am writing as someone who empathizes with you and is desperate to save lives. Church, I know that you believe you are doing the right thing. Asking you not to have in-house services is asking you to make a sacrifice. When you express that you feel as though your Constitutional rights are being infringed upon, I hear you. I understand the importance of gathering as a body of believers.

When I began writing this letter, I was angry because I felt like you were undoing all the work that Kentuckians have done to flatten the curve. I saw you as someone who did not care about the sacrifices of others. Please, hear me, and others like me. To us, your choice to continue meeting in this way feels reckless. It feels like you don’t care about those of us who lost our livelihood and loved ones. It feels like you don’t care about the trauma and fear that our medical workers and essential personnel are experiencing. It feels like you don’t care about the children who lost their only safe place, school.

I am asking, no, pleading that you reconsider. I want you to know that the building you worship in is not essential; rather, the spirit that lives inside of you. There are so many ways to live out your faith during this time. Have a drive-in or online service. Contact your local radio stations about broadcasting a sermon. Support a family that is struggling financially because they lost their jobs. Volunteer with a local school district to help deliver meals to students. Ask your members to sew masks to donate to frontline workers.

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Church, these are different times. I have to believe that Jesus thought outside of the box, and we can too. Jesus said that there is no greater love than someone who lays down their life for their friends. As your friend,  I am asking you to lay in-house services down. Show the world that your faith is not so fragile that it can be threatened by ceasing in-house services temporarily. Show us that we are all in this together, because we need you.

Tammy Brock

Helton, KY