City hopes to raise money for nonprofits; turn towns green

Published 8:49 pm Monday, April 20, 2020


The city of Danville kicked off a fund-raising initiative Thursday evening to help raise money for local non-profits that have been “on the front line of defense” during the COVID-19 pandemic, and at the same time is hoping to turn the city green.

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On Friday, Danville had a supply of 2,000 green light bulbs to give to local residents and businesses, said Mayor Mike Perros in his announcement on the steps of city hall Thursday evening. “Together, with your support, we want to light our town in green in a powerful movement of solidarity and sympathy,” Perros said.

“Lighting up our homes and businesses green will bring a sense of unity during this difficult time.”

Danville City Manager David Milliron wrote in an email on Monday, “As of Sunday night, I am blessed to say Danville residents have donated $5,227.16, and the light bulbs continue to fly out the door.”

The city is asking for a donation of at least $5 per light bulb. If it’s plan is successful, “It should raise at least $10,000 for our local non-profits that have been on the front line of defense – providing critical resources and services as we continue to navigate our way through this unprecedented time and deal with extraordinary challenges,” Perros said.

To get one, or a few green bulbs, you may contact any member of the city commission; or call city hall at (859) 238-1200 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays, and the staff will bring the light bulbs out to your vehicle when you stop by the building, located at 445 West Main Street.

Cash or checks, payable to the city of Danville, will be accepted.

Milliron said the first pallet of 2,000 bulbs was purchased and donated to the city by a city employee. On Friday, the city’s new insurance broker, Wendell Strickland of Strongside Solutions, also purchased and ordered two more pallets of bulbs, making 4,000 more green bulbs available to residents in Boyle County, Milliron said.

“When the new shipment arrives, the commission will caravan to Junction City and Perryville to deliver 500 bulbs each to their respective city halls to be distributed to their residents,” he added.

On Monday, Junction City Mayor Jim Douglas said he wasn’t aware that Danville would be bringing his town 500 bulbs. But added that when they arrive, he’ll make sure that Junction City residents will know when and where to pick them up. However, he won’t be asking for donations, he said. “They will be given away.”

Perryville Mayor Brian Caldwell said his town will be giving the bulbs away too, and not ask for donations. “I think it shows what kind of times we’re living in here now.”