Fiscal court has to preserve Boyle County’s key waterways

Published 10:30 pm Monday, April 20, 2020

Attention, anyone living on Herrington Lake or anyone using Herrington Lake for recreation, fishing, swimming, boating or for drinking water:

Boyle County is planning on putting approximately eight dead animals a day (2,000 plus per year) at the Alum Springs Convenience Center on the headwaters of Clarks Run, which runs through Danville and into Herrington Lake. This could possibly put diseases, bacteria and E. Coli into Clarks Run and Herrington Lake.

Dr. Stephen Higgs, University of Kentucky Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, advised Boyle County officials that Alum Springs was not a suitable location for animal composting. The Alum Springs area has a very large number of springs and the start of Clarks Run is where the dead animals will be placed.

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However, Boyle County officials have decided to move forward with the plan despite Dr. Higgins’ recommendations.

Anyone concerned about Clarks Run and Herrington Lake should call Boyle County Judge-Executive Howard Hunt at (859) 238-1100.

Jim Underwood