Boyle Fiscal Court makes more difficult financial decisions

Published 2:00 am Saturday, May 23, 2020

Boyle County Fiscal Court decided on agency appropriations for the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget on Thursday. Of the agencies that requested funding for next year, most received a portion of their request, while a handful were denied any funding.

The most debated request was Main Street Perryville’s request for $40,215.

Magistrate Tom Ellis said the funding goes mostly for the salary of Main Street Perryville’s executive director, which is “an essential service for Western Boyle County.”

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Magistrate Jason Cullen said the county couldn’t afford the expense. “We cannot afford this. She’s not even an employee of the county.”

He also argued that since the county couldn’t afford to purchase a vehicle for the Sheriff’s Office or an ambulance for Emergency Medical Services, it shouldn’t spend money on Main Street Perryville’s director’s salary.

After more debate and discussion among the magistrates about the importance of tourism and how Perryville plays a part of the county’s tourism revenue, the magistrates voted to approve funding for a total of $28,000.

The Heart of Danville, which is Danville’s Main Street program, requested $2,000 this year, which the fiscal court unanimously denied.

Agency requests and what the county funded include:

  • Nursing Home Ombudsman; no request was made, but magistrates voted to give $2,000.
  • Wilderness Trace Child Development Center; $20,000, $18,000.
  • CASA of the Bluegrass: $4,000, $0
  • Family Services: $19,000, $18,000.
  • Helping Hands: $7,000, $1,000
  • Danville/Boyle County Happy Feet: $1,800, $1,000
  • Community Action Partnership: $1,000, $0
  • Senior Citizens Center: $75,000, $67,500.
  • The Arts Commission: $2,000, $0
  • Main Street Perryville: $40,215, $28,000
  • Veterans Appreciation Lunch: $1,000, $500 (Funding is to go toward golf carts; magistrates suggested residents may donate their golf carts for the event.:
  • Human Rights: $750, $250
  • West T. Hill Theatre: $1,000, $500
  • Arts Center of the Bluegrass: $15,000, $12,000
  • Brass Band Festival: $15,000, $7,500
  • Heart of Danville: $2,000, $0
  • Juvenile Shelter expenses: $500, $0 (County can give if the need arises)
  • Airport board: $15,000, $10,000
  • Planning & Zoning: $75,000, $70,000
  • Parks and Recreation: $303,000, $303,000 and hold $43,945 in reserve for the fitness center
  • Economic Development Partnership, $100,000, $70,000