9 Business Signage Idea to Get More Customer

Published 9:19 am Saturday, May 30, 2020

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The first thing that prospective customers notice for on-site businesses is not their company name, logo, or not even the product that they offer. It actually is the signage or posters in front of their establishments that entices them to come in and transact with the business. So, it is not something that business owners should tread on lightly.

While there are times when a chalk and blackboard signage, paired with a witty text make the cut, there is a high chance of it getting lost in the crowd easily, especially if there are events happening. The best way around it is to have your signage and even décor handled by the experts. Companies like https://www.shieldcoart.com, for example, turn logos into 3D arts that captivate the eyes of the customers easily.

Aside from 3D printing the logo, what are the other ways can business signage ideas that would help create the company’s impact on the world for seminars, trade exhibits, and other events where companies strive to stand out among the rest?

Oversized Free-standing Logo

Want to leave a larger than life mark in your prospective clients’ minds? An oversized free-standing logo is your best shot. It creates an impression of a business that is fun, bold, and ready to make a statement at all times. While it certainly is a great way to introduce a business, this type of logo comes with its own downfall as it requires quite some space to stand.

Light-Up Tubes

Gone are the days when companies only use standing signage to draw attention to their brands. These days, many are shifting to using light-up tubes imprinted with the brand’s logo and message. Aside from that, it is also a great way to add some lighting to the area without having to spend more money by buying the lights and signage separately.

Neon Lights

Neon lights are certainly one of the trending styles of today. Ask any millennial if they have had their pictures taken near a neon light and they would probably say yes. Why not? It creates a funky and fun vibe in any room that it is in. Some companies make it more interesting as they combine it with 3D printing, which makes it way better than stand-alone neon lights.

Embedded Printing

Looking for something that you would probably need for a long time? Embedded printing can get the job done. Sublimation ink is used to print on polyester fabric and later on laminated with high-pressure laminate to ensure it does not fade quickly. Hence, this type of signage is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Interchangeable Registration Booths

For businesses who want to leave the impression that they really mean business, having an interchangeable registration booth can help with that. Since it is the first thing that guests or clients would notice the moment they arrive, it leaves a mark with them. At the same time, the counter in front invites conversations which opens an opportunity to talk and promote the business.

Sponsor Backdrops

What is the one thing that people love to do these days, especially during events? Taking pictures. It might be for documentation or memorabilia purposes, nevertheless, it is always a well-loved recreation for any event. People are sure to see and remember your brand’s name and logo if they see it on a picture that they would constantly see or look at.

Social Media Photozone

Aside from pictures, people are currently in love with social media. So, anything that they find interesting is posted there. Try using a social media icon as a photo booth paraphernalia or a design for events. It might be a little less formal than the rest but it is great for capturing audience attention, building connections, and also, subtly promoting the company’s own social media accounts.


A banner is a traditional option that is both cost-effective and gets the job done. First of all, it has high visibility chances than the rest of the signage listed here since organizers use them to decorate an area. Second, the tarpaulin to be used for it is not that expensive, and last but certainly not the least, it is interchangeable and reusable.

Digital Event Signage

Since anything digital seems to be a magnet for the yes these days, businesses can never go wrong with digital event signage. Aside from being an eye-catching piece, brands can easily send out their message with the customizable features. Not to mention, it gives the impression of an ever-evolving company that is ready to go with the flow if need be. Also, brands are given the choice to feature texts, videos, or plain pictures (or even past events) with digital marketing.

All of the signage examples mentioned above are effective in increasing brand identity. If business owners are still torn which ones to use, it is best to revisit their budget, intention, and audience to find the perfect piece. Still, keep in mind that custom business signage is always the best way to go.