Some parks & rec facilities to open Monday

Published 11:35 am Saturday, May 30, 2020

Danville-Boyle County Parks and Recreation is preparing to reopen some of its facilities on Monday, June 1, while others will reopen later in the summer. However, based on recommendation from the governor’s office, the Bunny Davis Center pool will not open for the 2020 season. The center’s racquetball courts, and Millennium Park shelters and basketball courts will be closed until at least July 1 due to group size restrictions.

Parks & Rec Director John Bell said a group of volunteers worked at Millennium Park on Saturday preparing for the reopening. Volunteers trimmed trees and bushes, painted benches and markers, pulled weeds, swept out the picnic shelters and sanitized the tables. 

Danville-Boyle County Parks and Rec Director John Bell power washes bleaches at a ball field at Millennium Park. (Photo by Robin Hart)

Bell also power washed bleachers before a sanitizer was sprayed on them. They also pulled down the bright yellow caution tape that had been wrapped around the playground equipment and sanitized the swings and slides to be ready for kids to play on opening day.

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Bell said the playground at the waterworks treatment plant on Lexington Road will also open on Monday.

However, Bell said the city manager and city engineer are waiting on guidelines and approval from the governor’s office to open the water feature at the park. Most splash pads in the state have been ordered to remain closed because of how the water is recirculated, Bell said. But they’re hoping Danville’s splash pad can reopen because fresh, treated water is pumped through the system continuously.

Other facilities to open Monday include:

Bunny Davis Center

  • Fitness classes will be limited to no more than 10 people with designated participant locations for social distancing, and will have slightly altered times in an effort to limit participant gathering before classes while waiting on a previous class to end, and to provide instructors time to sanitize the equipment between classes.
  • Fitness center will have select equipment available, but will be open to no more than 10 individuals at a time. Sanitation spray bottles and towels have been added throughout the facility. Patrons are recommended to sanitize each piece of equipment before use and required to do so after each use.
  • Tennis courts will be open for play.

Millennium Park

Jo Marie Lammy, of Danville, carries a handful of yellow caution tape she had pulled off of some playground equipment at Millennium Park on Saturday. (Photo by Robin Hart)

Will open to vehicles, although not all features will be available for use. No more than 10 individuals may gather in a single location through June 30 and must maintain six-foot social distancing at all times. The public is encouraged to use face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer before, during and after using each of these features.

Note: Any of the following features may be closed at any time if social distancing or group size limit is not adhered to.

  • Trails are open for walking, running, biking and exercise.
  • Lake is open for fishing with a proper license.
  • Restrooms located by the baseball, softball and soccer fields will remain closed at this time. The restrooms adjacent to the central playground will be open and cleaned / sanitized once daily. However please be aware that once someone visits a restroom, it is no longer assured of being sanitary.
  • Playgrounds will be cleaned / sanitized weekly. However please be aware that once someone uses a playground, it is no longer assured of being sanitary.
  • Volleyball courts, skate park, dog park and soccer field will be open.

Working to clean up hedge trimmings and leaves at a baseball field at Millennium Park on Saturday are Alex and his sister Lucy Kate, and their mom, Veronica Durham. Their dad, Chris Durham, was just around the corner using a hedge trimmer. The family lives in Washington County but came to Millennium Park for the clean-up because they love the park, Veronica Durham said. (Photo by Robin Hart)

Note: Group size limits and social distancing must be followed at all times.


  • Baseball / softball practices may resume on the fields. No more than 10 players and one coach are permitted through the end of June. Games will not resume play until at least July 6. Additional information will be provided prior to games beginning.