Boyle County Schools set to return to athletics

Published 8:41 am Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Boyle County Schools Board of Education approved a plan for a return to athletics within the district.

The plan called for training exercises, particularly conditioning exercises, to begin as early as this past Monday.

The plan presented to the board states that it complies with social distancing policies, including for student-athletes and coaches in sports and activities other than band to remain six feet apart at all times, and band members would be required to stay 10 feet apart.

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The plan also states that any athletic training can only be done in groups of 10 and athletes are not to change groups at any time during the training period. The groups are not to interact with one another from the time that they arrive on campus until the time that they leave.

Coaches of each program or team will be required to document temperature/symptom screening for participants and student-athletes will have to undergo a screening before any and all training sessions. The document states that these screenings can occur at home before the student-athletes arrive for the training session, but if that isn’t possible, the coach will provide screening before the training session.

Any coach or player that exhibits any symptoms or has a temperature over 100 degrees will not be permitted to participate in workouts, and notice will be provided to the district health coordinator. The person will be asked to seek evaluation from their primary care provider.

Other guidelines within the document include student-athletes bringing their own water bottles, as there will be no water stations, and student-athletes will not be permitted to refill water bottles on their own. The guidelines also state that sharing of gear or equipment is not allowed, including gloves, shoes, clothing, etc.

No spectators will be permitted for these training sessions and coaches will be required to wear masks when social distancing isn’t possible. Student-athletes will also be required to wear masks when not actively participating in physical activity.

The guidelines also emphasize the importance of hand washing and sanitizing.

Regarding weight rooms, the document calls for a tentative beginning date for use of June 29. This would allow for only 10 student-athletes allowed in the weight room at one time with one coach. Each group would be responsible for cleaning the equipment before the next group arrives in the weight room.

This phase would continue until July 12 as more guidance from the KHSAA is needed.

Superintendent Mike LaFavers praised the work of individuals involved with creating the plan, as the plan was taken to Brent Blevins at the Boyle County Health Department and Stephen Dexter, the board’s attorney.

“They’ve studied the KHSAA guidelines, the CDC recommendations, the governor’s recommendations, and I think they’ve created a really good document,” LaFavers said. “What they have is a solid document that will guide athletics and extracurricular participation through the summer.”