Pets of the Week

Published 5:10 pm Monday, June 29, 2020

Our featured pets this week are Rocko and Daisy.


Rocko is a 10-week old male kitten with unique bicolor markings featuring an adorable mustache and expressive whiskers. He and his four brothers came to the humane society as 1-week old orphans. Since the shelter does not have the staffing to provide around the clock feeding, Rocko went to an experienced foster home where he was hand raised by both humans and their kitten loving labrador. 

Unlike many bottle babies, he does not associate human hands as food, nor toys. Rocko is hilariously playful as he runs about with his kitten toys and roughhouses with his brothers on their favorite cat tower, but as soon as you pick him up he becomes a purring ball of fur ready to soak up all the attention. 

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Rocko is officially ready for adoption, so if you are looking for that kitten full of personality that will give you a lifetime of love and laughs, look no further!

Daisy is a beautiful mature female beagle who has a story to tell with her soulful brown eyes. This sweet girl came to us a stray and we remain puzzled as to why she was never sought-after. Daisy greets both man and dog with a generous wag of the tail and relishes a good belly rub. She enjoys leisurely sniffs around the play yard and long naps on her Kuranda bed. 


She is careful not to mess in her kennel leading us to believe she is house trained. She is good on leash and understands basic commands. Daisy is true to her breed exhibiting a gentle nature that is sure to warm your heart and home. 

Please keep your pets safe during this Fourth of July weekend! This is a fun and festive holiday for people, but it can be very traumatic for our dogs and cats. They are sensitive to the loud sounds of the fireworks and some pets find it quite scary. 

It is safest to keep your four-legged friends inside their home in a comfortable environment with a favorite toy for distraction. Having the TV on or music playing will help cover the noise of the fireworks. Always provide your pet with proper identification to help him get home quickly in the event he should get lost.

Low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter surgery is available for pet owners with low and fixed incomes. Call our Happy Paws Clinic today at (859) 691-1137 for an appointment. Please help control pet over-population by having your pet spayed or neutered.