Reader warns of unintended consequences of social media activity

Published 3:26 pm Friday, August 28, 2020

To the Editor

I’ve applauded Tim Montgomery, an officer of the local Republican Party, for the impressive restoration work he’s done on two of our downtown buildings. However, the problem with his recent posts on social media—no matter how casually or unintentionally they were made—is that they can feed and embolden right-wing, white supremacist groups such as the Boogaloo Boys whose goal is to incite another Civil War and whose scary, subterranean movement thrives on the “dark web” of the internet.  I’m certain this wasn’t Mr. Montgomery’s intent, but actions can sometimes have unintended consequences.  I’d have the same warning for any officer of the local Democratic Party who posted things on social media that might feed and embolden left-wing terrorists.

Milton Reigelman

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