CodeRED system can now notify citizens of water advisories

Published 6:34 am Thursday, September 3, 2020

Boil water advisories from Danville and Parksville water districts can now be received on water customers’ mobile devices through CodeRED, which also notifies residents of severe weather and other emergencies in their area.

The CodeRED system is a feature of the National Weather Service which Boyle County Fiscal Court pays for. Local residents can register for the service at no cost so they will be alerted during emergencies, said Boyle County Emergency Management Director Mike Wilder.

He can now use the system to notify water customers who are affected by boil water advisories. Not every water customer will be alerted when work is being done on water lines and customers need to boil water for safety.

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“I can mark off around those areas so that the message is only received by people who need it,” Wilder said.

The link to sign up for CodeRED will be added to Danville and Parksville water district customers’ bills, he said.

To sign up for the free service, go to

CodeRED is already being used to notify residents when there is a missing person or child in the area, emergency preparedness, natural disasters, inclement weather warnings, wildfire alerts, public health crisis, criminal activity, road closures and traffic alerts and shelter in place and lockdown notifications.

When someone registers for CodeRED, they can mark the boxes of which type of emergencies they want to receive. However, boil water advisories will automatically be added to their service.

CodeRED will also eventually replace tornado warning sirens. “We’ve depended on sirens for years. But they’re going to be obsolete one of these days. They’re expensive to replace and maintain,” he said. “This is the route to go.”

“CodeRed is the greatest thing in the world.”