Natural gas line rupture cuts off gas to Perryville residents

Published 5:59 pm Thursday, September 3, 2020

A construction crew accidentally ruptured a natural gas pipeline in downtown Perryville Thursday afternoon, causing gas to be cut to most of the town’s residences and businesses and forcing some residents to be temporarily evacuated, just a precaution.

The rupture occurred at 204 South Bragg Street late Thursday morning. The 2-inch natural gas main belongs to Atmos Energy, according to Boyle County Emergency Management Director Mike Wilder. Atmos was contacted and immediately shut down gas distribution to its customers within and just outside of the city limits, he said, which affected about 300 customers.

As of late Thursday afternoon, the pipeline had been repaired, “But the big problem is turning the gas back on,” Wilder explained.

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Atmos employees, along with 15 contracted plumbers went to each customer Thursday afternoon and turned off every gas meter, he said. They also placed a yellow flag in every yard where the meters had been turned off.

They were then supposed to go back around to every location, talk with the property owner and restore gas to the appliances and light the pilot lights. “It will take several hours,” Wilder said.

As of early Thursday evening, Bragg Street was still closed to traffic between Second and Third streets.