Montgomery thanks supporters

Published 5:12 pm Thursday, September 10, 2020

I would like to thank my neighbors, friends and even strangers who have reached out to me over the last two weeks to give me their support following a character assassination attempt by leaders of the local “United for Change of Danville” group.

Admittedly, I was shocked that political memes (that I shared) were taken out of context and used to brand me a racist. Although what they and their supporters said about me was hurtful and created a difficult time for me personally, it has brought to the forefront an issue that needs to be addressed: Properly Promoting Political Positions.

I support others in this community who have been unduly attacked by these unhappy individuals and urge our community to be aware of their tactics, their lies and their political agendas going forward. I also encourage you to reach out and support others who have been and will be attacked by this group.

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Being called names and having lies perpetrated against you isn’t fun, but it’s worth enduring if it brings this kind of behavior and their agenda to light. Conservatives have broad shoulders and I can take the unwarranted abuse if it means others are enlightened to this group’s approach.

To all those who called me, emailed me, came by to see me, stopped me on the street – thank you! I needed your support more than you know during this difficult time. 

I, personally, do not want to be defined by a few political posts on my personal Facebook page. I grew up in this town, left here and served proudly in the US Army. I have established my business in this town and served the local school system for twelve years and have served in a volunteer position for several civic committees. I love this town; this community has been very good to me.

Going forward, our community needs to work together to properly express their own political beliefs and understand that it is okay to embrace your own beliefs and display them, but in a manner that is not harmful to other individuals with different beliefs.

Thank you,

Tim Montgomery