Boyle property transfers

Published 6:05 am Monday, September 14, 2020

Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

  • Vicki K. Isaac to Joel B. and Melanie R. Grosjean, property in West Danville subdivision, $165,000.
  • Jayne Horky Thompson, trustee of the Farm Trust under the will of Lorette Horky to Gary A. Feldman, lot in Stonehill Estates subdivision, $75,000.
  • Bobbie K.S. Kramp, individually and as executrix of the Bobbie Sargent estate, Sheldon Kramp, Anita and Darcy A. Pinkston, Joyce and T. Simpson and Erbin Sargent to CR Homes LLC, property in Green Acres subdivision, $80,000.
  • Danny and Linda Cates to Robert T. and Amy M. Sole, property on Highfield Road, $157,000.
  • Scott A. and Victoria L. Weldon to Kenneth R. and Loralee Ridge, property on Quirks Run Road, $550,000.
  • Rick and Elizabeth Cole to Mitchell S. and Jill D. Abrams, several properties on Harding Street and Waveland Avenue, $268,000.
  • Yocom Properties LLC to Barbra Wilson, property on Locust Street, $94,000.
  • Barry and Patricia Carrier to Nossa Farms LLC, 13.61 acres on Stanford Road, $375,000.
  • Rick and Elizabeth Cole to 102 & 125 Circle Drive LLC, $69,000.
  • Phyllis Hawkins to Anthony S. Rousey, property on Shearin Avenue, $89,000.
  • Ronald A. and Nancy Belcher and Lou Ellen Simpson to James M. Hill, property in Junction City, $105,000.
  • Ruby Baker to John W. Hankla, property in Bright’s Bend subdivision, $1,000.
  • Earl A. and Patsy C. Baker to Justin and Natasha Black, property in Boyle County, $220,000.
  • Cynthia G. Brooks, as executrix of the Bette J. Ellison estate, to CPCCDAY LLC, property in Paula Heights subdivision, $85,000.
  • Joedy Sharpe Construction Co. to Marty and Shelli Clarkson, lot in The Hunt Farm subdivision, $33,000.
  • Monica L. Ballard to Brandon M. Wiles and Lorinda E. Vongruenigen, property on Springhill Road, $240,000.
  • James D. Anderson and Carolyn Clifton, as co-executors of the James R. Anderson estate, to James D. Anderson and Carolyn Clifton, property on Boydon Court, estate settlement; value not listed.
  • Dorothy F. Case to Teresa H. York and Clinton S. Terry Jr., property in Joyce Heights subdivision, gift; value, $53,000.
  • Steve R. Long to Steve R. Long and Hugh R. Long, property in Boyle County, property transfer; value not listed.
  • Steven and Tina M. Green and Eric J. and Urszula Streciwilk to Willie K. Smith Jr., property on Waveland Avenue, $173,000.
  • Dane W. and Sandra L. Burris to Clark’s Run Group LLC, property in Bluegrass Place subdivision, $260,000.
  • Gaile L. and Bill Blair to Eric Hatcher, .42 of an acre in Boyle County, $300.
  • Daniel and Stacy Muir to Joshua J. and Caitlyn N. Logue, property in Old Bridge subdivision, $278,500.
  • Jeffrey L. and Louise Curtis to Jacob P. Little, property in Heartland subdivision, $124,000.
  • Landon K. Berry and Brandy Dieterle to Clifford and Sarah Berry, property on North Third Street, $130,500.
  • Raymond C. Carter and Nancy L. Kolesnick to William G. Sisson, 12.63 acres on Mitchell Lane, $370,000.

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