Couple’s soaps, lotions popular at farmers market

Published 10:17 am Thursday, September 17, 2020

Not every vendor at the Boyle County Farmers Market is a farmer. But they do incorporate area farmers’ products to make their own creations, and they used to raise goats.

Such is the work of Garrard County residents Vontella and Jeff Peek, of Natural Creations.

On Saturday mornings at the market, the Peeks spread out a display of their artisanal soaps, lotions, and lip balms, which were all created “in a spot in our garage that’s just for making soaps,” Vontella said.

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At one time they raised their own goats for milk to add to some of their soap and lotion recipes. But since downsizing and moving away from the farm, Vontella said she purchases goat milk from a woman in Lexington.

After occasionally picking up a supply of goat’s milk, she freezes it until they’re ready to put some in a batch of soap or lotion, Vontella explained.

The other simple ingredients used in her concoctions, such as a variety of essential oils and fragrances, she orders from other vendors.

When walking past Natural Creation’s table, market shoppers can detect a sweet, clean scent in the air even when they’re wearing face masks. But the aromas aren’t overpowering.

Some of the soaps are fragrance-free.

Two popular soaps these days contain charcoal, which may turn a washcloth dark gray, but will easily come out in the wash, Vontella said. The charcoal and sea clay mud facial and charcoal and sweet orange soaps really “pulls and cleans out toxins and dirt in the skin,” Vontella said.

She’s been making soaps and lotions for about eight years. “They’re special because you can put your own ingredients in and they’re all-natural. You know what’s going into your product,” she explained.

“That’s how I got into this. In the stores you never know what you’re getting to put on your skin. This way, I know what I’m putting on my skin.”