Radical groups are attacking good Danville citizens

Published 4:12 pm Friday, September 18, 2020

It alarms me that radical groups are attempting to gain ground in Boyle County. When friends and neighbors are attacked in an attempt to ruin their reputations, businesses and peace of mind because of posts on their personal Facebook pages, things have gone too far.

One of my friends was asked to step down from community volunteer boards because he chose to not support BLM, and justly called it a terrorist organization. 

Another has been harassed and threatened bodily harm because, according to them, as a supporter of our president, he is automatically a racist and can be threatened with impunity.

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Think about that for a moment.

I know both of these men and have for years. I know these lies being spread about them are vicious and untrue. Both are upstanding, giving and hardworking members of our community who were targeted only because they are vocal conservatives. 

My two friends are not the only individuals to receive this unwanted and unwarranted attention. Other members of our community have also been targeted and attacked by this same group: United for Change of Danville. 

With every attack they get worse, and with every attack they get bolder and set their sites yet another victim of their hateful and terroristic propaganda. Most recently, they and their followers posted the following about my friend, Tim Montgomery, on Facebook. I have the screen captures.

“he ain’t so big bad and REDNECK white racist white racist now. These #@@backwards #@@holes thing this sh** funny and it’s a game Let’s soo who laughs last ‘cause YOU ARE SURELY GONNA GET YOUR RACIST KKK $#@ NICE AND SOUNDLY KICKED. JIVE#@! DUMBA$$ TURKEY”


“Hmmmmm… he seems like he needs a lot of facial and body rearranging…. And a little color too. MAYBE BLACK AND BLUE? Thanks!”

These are just two examples of the hate mongering and spurring to violence coming out of this group. There are many more.

This is not acceptable. 

I want to make sure people, who may not be aware of the weight of this problem, are made aware of it. The full weight of it. So when they come after their next target, we are all ready to take our places side-by-side to resist this pro-violence approach to shutting up conservative voices in our community. 

They may be coming after you next. 

John Turner