Durham says National Recovery Month, Ginsburg’s passing have a lot of commonalities

Published 3:35 pm Monday, September 28, 2020

The passing of Supreme Court Justice (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and September being National Recovery Month have a lot of commonalities.

We should be very appreciative of how the two issues are being handled in our area.  Judges Dotson, Peckler, Petrie are only a few administrative steps away from the judicial process of the highest level. The bureaucracy of the system may not seem so, “the law is not justice it is an imperfect mechanism used to dispense justice.”

In 2016 AMA diagnosed Substance Use Disorder as a “disease” and opened a lot of doors (good and bad) for the treatment process.

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Ninety percent of all arrests have a relationship to drug and alcohol misuse.  The cost of incarceration in our area is approximately $25K per year.  All three of our local judges and most surrounding judges have an ethical, compassionate knowledge of the process to divert to the best solution.

We can rest assured that our system is ensuring the safety of our citizens and the handling of this issue.


Thank you,

M. “Rat” Durham