Back to school pandemic style

Published 11:26 am Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Some students in the Danville School district began trickling into their school buildings this morning for the first time in about seven months.

Sixth-grade teacher Shea Willmon takes a student’s temperature before he enters the building.

The district has adopted an “A/B hybrid” plan where half of the students will attend in-person classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, while the other half will attend on Thursdays and Fridays, and virtual remote learning will continue on days when they aren’t in the buildings.

Principal Dr. Chris Murray greets drivers as they pull up to drop off their students at John W. Bate Middle School Monday morning.

However, this first week back to in-person learning is beginning slowly, with only half of the A group attending Monday, and the second half on Tuesday. On Thursday, half of the B group will attend school and the second half will attend on Friday. 

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The slow start of back to school learning is so that students, faculty and staff can see and understand how all of the protocols will work to keep everyone as safe as possible during the current pandemic.

Superintendent Dr. Tammy McDonald wrote in an email,  “The first day was very smooth. Temperature checks went quickly and students loved being back in their classrooms. The entire staff is extremely happy to have students in the buildings. Everyone did a great job of following social distancing guidelines and mask wearing.”