Henson says the left is all about power

Published 12:04 pm Saturday, October 17, 2020

Before the 2012 Presidential election, Democratic majority leader Harry Reid said, “Mitt Romney has paid zero taxes last year. I have proof.” When Romney released his tax returns, it turned out he paid millions — the standard amount by someone of his wealth. When asked about it, Harry Reid said, “We won didn’t we?”

This, in a nutshell, is how the left thinks. Where Republicans are interested in seeking truth, to Democrats, truth is inconsequential. It’s all about power. Why is that?

Things that a free people would never accept, such as unconstitutional lockdowns, takeover of healthcare, nationalizing energy production and the control of the airlines, as the Green New Deal would do, can only be forced on the population through power.

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National Intelligence Director John Ratclilffe just released newly declassified documents last week of handwritten notes by CIA Director John Brennan showing that Brennan was a part of Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

That a political opponent of the president would knowingly collude with the CIA director to take down a sitting president is likely the biggest political scandal in American history. Why doesn’t the press pick up the most important story of our times? Because they have taken sides. We do not have straight news anymore — only agenda-driven activism.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi is proposing the creation of a 17-member committee of unelected persons to decide if a president is fit for office and recommend removal of a duly elected president. Why trust those pesky voters to decide? It’s all about power.

The World Health Organization just issued a recommendation to “halt lockdowns.” WHO: “Lockdowns have been a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe.” Do you think that will STOP the left’s desire for control? Joe Biden said, “Yes, I would lock it down again.” So would Democratic governors.

Would Joe Biden pack the court — that is keep adding numbers to the Supreme Court until he has an activist majority? Would he add two automatic Democratic Senators by making D.C. a state? Would he eliminate the Electoral College to gain power? He does NOT think you deserve to know.

If today’s radical leftist Democratic party gains the power they seek, this country will be changed forever. Since the left’s agenda can only be forced down our throats through power, they will stop at nothing to get it. Harry Reid has shown them the way.

Eben D. Henson