Pease says Republicans turn their backs on working families

Published 10:11 am Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Profits over people. Senator McConnell and Congressional Republicans continue to turn their backs on working families.

As the coronavirus ravages this country, Congressional Republicans led by McConnell are rushing to confirm a Supreme Court justice, even though presidential election voting is already under way. There is no bottom to their hypocrisy, saying in 2016 that they would not bring a Supreme Court nominee to a vote during a presidential election year, but in 2020 trying to do just that.

McConnell has suspended Senate floor activity as at least three Republican senators have tested positive for COVID and are under quarantine. However, the Senate Judiciary committee will begin hearings on the nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, this week, even if it is virtually.

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Meanwhile, the House-passed coronavirus relief bill sits on McConnell’s desk. President Trump has gone back and forth on suspending negotiations on a stimulus package for the sinking economy until after the election. 

However, McConnell has no intention of bringing a relief bill to the Senate floor. The Republicans have never taken the virus seriously. Despite over 214,000 deaths, millions infected and hospitalized and millions more losing their jobs. Party over people, they do not care about average Americans.

Power over people. The rush to confirm Barrett is driven by a case on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will be heard by the Supreme Court in November. If the ACA is overturned, gone will be protections for pre-existing conditions, gone will be a ban on lifetime limits and costs for care. Thousands of Kentuckians will lose their medical care during a pandemic that is not under control. The Republicans have never offered an alternative plan and will be unprepared to help those that lose their health care.

Call Senator McConnell’s office at (502) 582-6304 and tell him you want him to focus on helping Kentuckians through this pandemic and not on rushing a lifetime appointment through the Senate. It is you vs. corporate interests. Tell McConnell to do his job and represent you!

Have you had enough, Boyle County? Vote Democratic this November. Early in-person voting begins October 13 at the Courthouse and Armory. It is time to retire Mitch McConnell. Let’s fly higher Kentucky and elect Amy McGrath to the US Senate!

Julie Pease