Porter backs Linderman for Congress

Published 10:12 am Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Americans will be casting their votes for president and many other offices on Nov. 3. Voting will begin even sooner if you exercise your right to vote early or if you vote by mail. 

One of the offices that we will be voting for is for the U.S. Representative from the Second District. The current occupant of that office is Brett Guthrie. 

Guthrie is a tool of large corporations as he receives 80% of his funding from corporate PAC’s. He’s been in office for 10 years and he’s done rather well for himself. 

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Over that 10-year period his net worth has risen from  $0.5 million to over $10 million. That’s pretty good on a salary of $174,000/year. 

So when it comes time to vote it’s no surprise that Guthrie comes down on the side of his corporate masters – 100% of the time.

Hank Linderman is the Democrat running for Congress to unseat Brett Guthrie. Unlike Guthrie, Hank does not solicit nor does he accept corporate PAC money. In fact, Hank is not a politician in the traditional sense of the word. And although he is an unapologetic progressive the most frequently used word in Hank’s vocabulary is collaboration. 

He believes in the power of calm reasoned discussion of the issues to persuade people of all economic beliefs to reach sensible and economically viable solutions to the problems that face this nation. 

Time and time again I have seen people who initially thought they disagreed with Hank on one or more critical issues come to a new understanding following a two-way discussion and dialogue with Hank. He has the remarkable ability to listen and talk to people in a way that is respectful of their beliefs, but that does not shy away from articulating and communicating his own convictions. 

This is a talent and an ability that is sorely missing in today’s Washington D.C.

Hank Linderman’s concentration is on life and conditions in rural and working America. To this end he has thoughtfully created an 11-part set of aspirational goals for government to apply to the specific needs of rural working America. The contract and lots of other information may be found under the heading Issues on Hank’s web site Hank4ky.com.

So whether you vote on November 03 or earlier I earnestly solicit your vote to make Hank Linderman our Democratic Congressman from the Second District of Kentucky. 

Jim Porter