If Sir Walter Scott was alive, he may write something like this

Published 8:38 am Tuesday, October 27, 2020


If Sir Walter Scott was alive today he would probably write something like this:

Breathes there an American with soul so dead

That the flag of our forefathers he would tread?

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For one man he holds hatred so odious and ill

He blithely disgraces blood Patriots did spill

Sacrificing with enmity freedom purchased at inestimable price

Dooming us all to socialist strife

If there be such mark them all

For theirs the grim harvest of dishonor fall

With spite and ill temper at the altar of sedition they weakly kneel

Quaffing the lies of the New Green Deal

With mind so distorted by the betrayers incessant bludgeoning blows

They will eventually return to the vile dust from which they rose

Leaving behind the detritus of their intractable hate

And sinking forever our glorious ship of state

With a vision of our founder anguished cries may scales fall from their eyes

Not too late may they recognize the insidious disguise of the lefts wicked lies

Not too late may they set their course straight

And turn their back on irrational hate.

Joseph Yocum