Property transfers Nov. 10, 2020

Published 12:39 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Property transfers
Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:
• Robert A. and Halee D. Coleman to Mark and Amber Smith, property on Goggin Lane, $210,000.
• Delena K. Smith to Lee P. and Jill M. Bryant, property on Rosemont Avenue, $124,000.
• Melvin E. and Cherry L. Liter to Timothy Bottom, property on Kings Mill Road, $105,000.
• Daniel Sebastian to Morgan Sebastian, 1.02 acres in Boyle County, property settlement; fair market value, $102,500.
• Paul and Dianne Davis to Kendrick M. and Layken N. Wright, property in Southgate subdivision, $140,000.
Allen C. and Kelly R. Ryan to Amanda L. Selby, property on Gwinn Island Circle, $249,900.
• Trampas D. Montgomery Jr. to Landon C. and Samantha P. Hensley, 10 acres on Chenault Bridge Road, $310,000.
• Mark E. and Janet Fluty to Marc and Dianne Hanlon, property in Lannock Village, $279,000.
• Theresa L. and Stephen Carroll to Jordan Renner, property on Jean Drive, $82,000.
• Haley C. Doneghy to Ronald W. and Judith L. Allread, property in Grandview subdivision, $128,000.
• Burke Kenny Short Jr., through Jeffrey W. Short, to Ashfield Properties LLC, property in Park Hills subdivision, $91,000.
• Bryan Sharp to Alfred G. Berryman and Patricia Carpenter, property on High Street, $69,000.
• John C. and Kathy D. Hignight to David L. and Virginia K. Purdom, property in Rolling Meadows subdivision, $408,000.
• Robert Toadvine to Amy Wade, 1.17 acres on Ky. 300, $16,000.
• Gene and Carol A. Case to Clark’s Run Group LLC, tract on Bells Lane, $10,500.
• Thomas Henry Baker Jr., to James N. Hays, property in Clearview subdivision, property transfer to satisfy debt; fair cash value, $100,000.
• Floyd T. Young to Andrew and Chelsea Trosper, parcel on Kentucky Avenue, Junction City, $1,250.
• Elmer Jackson, as executor of the Geraldine Lowery Jackson estate, to Taylor, two tracks in Westwood Hills subdivision, $121,310.64.
• Jennifer and Billy R. Inmon II to Steven K. Knight, property in Streamland subdivision, $215,000.
• Rick and Elizabeth G. Cole to Brian and Melissa B. Cusato, property in Boyle County, $62,000.
• Cameron Deering to Zachary A. Pelkey and Molly A. Selby, property on East Drive, $125,000.
• John K. and Kaye S. Barber to JKB Holdings LLC, property in the Hunt Farm subdivision, property transfer for capital contribution; value not listed.
• Randall D. and Melinda M. Maas to W. Lyle and Mary Ann McGlothlin, tract in Williams burg Village, $1.
• Ruth Y. and Rex Wilkes Jr. to Wade A. and Tamra Thompson, property in Boyle County, $358,000.
• William C. and Patricia C. Hundley to Earl A. and Patsy C. Baker, 2.69 acres in Boyle County, $21,560.
• Bernard Brant, through Johnna Brant, to Alex and Rachael Peterson, property on Goggin Lane, $167,000.
• Betty M. Proffit, for Alma Jean Cummins, to William Bailey and Victoria Pook, property on Henson Avenue, $110,000.
• Edith Dot Stallard to Fourteen One LLC, property in Danville, $75,000.
• Twilla Catron and Kathy Frye to Faulkner Lane LLC, property on Faulkner Lane, $150,000.
• Mack D. Caddell and John Cecil Caddell, both individually and as co-administrators of the Glenn C. Caddell estate, Valorie Caddell and Karen Caddell to Sherry L. Caddell, proepty on White Oak Road, gift; fair cash value, $58,000.
• Paul P. and Denise W. Deluca to Brandon and Katherine Jo Saylor, propety in Rolling Meadows subdivision, $480,000.
• Arnold R. Akers III and Grace L. and Kenneth A. Conklin to Marilyn L. Akers, Grace L. Conklin and Arnold R. Akers, property in Wilderness Trace Townhouses, $132,500.
• Kennie M. and Rebecca J. Slone to Yang and Chen Chen, 59.3 acres on Cream Ridge Road, $357,500.
• Geary J. and Pamela Walton to Meredith Mohedano, property on Perkins Avenue, $142,900.
• Truly B. and Charles Eric Mount Jr. to Tyler S. and Angelena M. Davis, property in Argyll subdivision, $245,000.
• Rose Floyd to Dennis L. Floyd and Donald Scott Floyd, property on U.S. 150, gift; fair market value, $200,000.
• Rose Floyd to Dennis L. Floyd and Donald Scott Floyd, property on U.S. 150, gift; fair market value, $400,000.
Joedy Sharpe Construction Co. to Shane and Ellen Casey, property in the Hunt Farm subdivision, $250,900.
Marilyn J. Price to Marshall A. and Tammie T. Crawford, 2.2 acres in Bennington Fields subdivision, $18,500.
• Summit Homes LLC to Petrey Ventures LLC, six lots in Huntington Creek subdivision, $117,000.
• First Southern national Bank and estate of Floyd Van Cook, through Larry D. Catlett, special master commissioner, to J. Thomas and Susan F. Hensley, property on U.S. 127, $200,501.
• City of Perryville to Stuart and Janice Martt and Richard Reed, property on Main Street, $130,900.
• Zachary R. and Alexandria L. Gardner to Phyllis Hartley, property in Spring Hill subdivision, $139,900.
• Rebecca B. Scholtz, as executrix of the Jean A. Cress estate, to Linda Carrico, property in Rolling Meadows subdivision, $145,000.
• Jeffery T. Kinley, through J. Thomas Hensley, to Jeffery T. Kinley and Anita Kinley, property on Denmark Drive, property transfer; fair market value, $150,000.
Boyle County Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Jeffrey and Jessica Watts, property in Boyle County, $69,000.
• 475 LLC to The City of Danville, KY, property off of West Main Street, $10,500.
• Margaret Peebles to Aaron Rodocker and January Haile, property in Streamland subdivision, $150,000.
• Rodney and Stephanie Melton to Southern Acquisitions LLC, property in Bluegrass Chase Farms North, $2,100,000.
• Roy Edmiston to Webber LLC, property on Terrace Court, $60,000.
• John K and Kaye S. Barber to Kaye S. Barber, property in Williamsburg Village, gift; fair market value, $55,000.
• J. Glynn and Marketi Perry to Dorothy G. Schaefer, property in Premier Village at Ridgefield Farm, $235,000.
• Aleshia G. and Bradley E. Wilson, through Melanie Clark Thornberry to Aleshia G. Carroll Wilson and Travis Scott Carroll, property on Old Parksville Road, property transfer; fair market value, $48,000.
• Bayview Loan Servicing, Eric Reed and Melissa Reed, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Stuart Martt, Janice Martt and Richard Reed, property on Jacob Drive, $98,000.
• Mike and Lisa Graves to Diamenn and Abbra Young, property on Jean Drive, $132,000.
• Molly E. and William M. DeWolfe to Sarah Kate DeWolfe and Elizabeth C. DeWolfe, property in Caldwell Manor subdivision, $103,000.
• Rick and Elizabeth Cole to 325 Forest – 316 Cowan LLC, two parcels in Danville, $80,000.
• Rick and Elizabeth Cole to 312 Highland Court LLC, property on Highland Court, $50,000.
William C. and Deborah Fowler to Durham Real Estate LLC, property on North First Street, $30,000.
• Brian T. and Jessica N. Swaidner to Bailey F. Harder, property on Brookcove, $130,000.
• Kevin B. and Angela C. Muse to Zachary Record, tract on Parksville Crosspike, $2,000.
• William C. and Patricia C. Hundley to Petrey Ventures LLC, 5.9 acres on Dry Fork Road, $42,926.
• Rick and Elizabeth Cole to Samuel O. Galloway, property on Henson Avenue, $95,000.
• Donald L. McWhorter to Matthew D. and Jacey A. Sumner, property on Quirks Run Road, $1,225,000.
• John E. and Michele B. White to Robert M. and Claudia S. Bullington, property on Bluegrass Pike, $555,000.
• Kevin B. and Angela C. Mus to Zachary C. Record, property on Parksville Cross Pike, $159,000.
• Dallas E. Pennington, as executor of the Irene Pennington estate, to Jason A. and Mary E. Koppel, 20 acres in Boyle County, $49,000.

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