Grateful to industrial foundation

Published 1:50 pm Thursday, November 12, 2020

These are difficult times. The winds of the world seem to be pushing us into isolated corners as we must navigate our road ahead. For individuals, families, businesses, and organizations it is the same.

Seeing Hearts Ministry is a faith based re-entry home for men in our Danville community. We were created to assist men leaving incarceration who have had enough, and are ready to fight for their lives.

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Two years ago our original location plans were denied a conditional use permit needed to begin operation. The setback was significant. As our group prayed and searched for a way forward in the following days my cell phone rang.

My good friend and community servant, Jailer Brian Wofford, contacted me about a potential property for us to use as our home owned by the Boyle County Industrial Foundation. Cindy Ellsworth, secretary of the Industrial Foundation, had taken note of our difficulties and believed the Industrial Foundation might be able to help.

After several meetings, discussions, and appointments it was decided the Industrial Foundation wanted to help us help others.

They believed they could play a role in helping lives change, and stay true to their mission of economic development and getting people back in the workforce. A mammoth blessing was bestowed on our ministry as they voted allowing us to utilize the property, with two 2,500 sq. ft. dwellings, through an operating lease agreement with no monthly payment.

We moved into the property on Lebanon Road and began welcoming men in exactly one year ago.

There have been significant challenges, foreseen and unforeseen, however, the Boyle County Industrial Foundation has proven to be an extremely reliable and gracious partner. Personal relationships have been forged, and our organization has been on the receiving end of their generosity more than once.

Just last week we accepted propane delivery, purchased by the Industrial Foundation, topping off both of the 1,000-gallon tanks sitting on the property supplying heat to the dwellings. Lives can change and people can get back to work. Employment is such a large part of the equation for those repairing damage in their lives.

The Boyle County Industrial Foundation doesn’t just talk, they do. That’s what it takes. We, at Seeing Hearts Ministry, are grateful for the role they play in our community and appreciate them very much.

Andrew Wilkinson
Executive Director, Seeing Hearts Ministry