Working to give you more

Published 5:17 pm Monday, November 16, 2020

A lot has changed in the newspaper business, especially in the past year since the arrival of COVID-19.

Although some things have changed in the Advocate-Messenger, we want you to know we are working hard to continue bringing you the best coverage of local news you want and need to know about life in Boyle County.

Several years ago the newspaper offered a feature commonly known as “Police Blotter,” which listed calls responded to by Danville Police Department officers. We are happy to announce that the feature is back starting today. You can find it on Page 2 of Tuesday’s issue and also at this link, and we plan on the police blotter being a regular feature in our Tuesday edition of the newspaper.

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You may also have noticed more frequent use of quick response codes, also known as QR codes. These codes are used as a digital shortcut to get you to a website or other location on the internet to give you even more information than we can put in print, such as additional photos or videos relating to a story, or a website that gives more information on a topic, such as government site that provides details about healthcare programs, signing up for services, and much more.

QR codes are simple to use. Most smartphones can take you to the sites directly from the camera on your phone. Apple’s iPhone camera simply has to be pointed at a code, and almost instantly a prompt will come up on your screen to ask if you want to visit the site. Just tap the screen and you’re on your way!

There are also apps such as Google and others set up to read QR codes if you prefer that method. Any smartphone on the market today will work with the codes, as will devices such as tablets like Apple’s iPad.

We plan to use the codes in our print edition more frequently in future issues, and we hope you will use and enjoy them. If you have trouble with the codes, feel free to email and ask for assistance. We will do our best to help you get more comfortable with the codes and put them to the greatest use.