Payne says Trump not fulfilling his oath

Published 2:53 pm Friday, November 20, 2020

COVID-19 is rampant throughout our country. Instead of making any effort to control the spread, Trump is spending his time trying to delegitimize the election of Joe Biden with frivolous lawsuits. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Americans are being infected and thousands are dying daily.
Trump is also preventing the Biden team from obtaining the necessary resources and access to government agencies so the “peaceful transfer of power” can take place. The purpose of the transition is to enable the new administration to hit the ground running. There is the promise of a vaccine for COVID-19, and a delay in the transition process could slow the timely distribution of this vaccine.
Another troubling action that Trump has taken is to fire the leaders of the Defense Department and Homeland Security (cyber division) and replace them with people who are not competent. Our national security is most vulnerable during this transition period and weakening the leadership of our social institutions could encourage our adversaries to take advantage of us.
The president takes an oath to protect the American people and defend the constitution. It appears he is doing neither.
Rene Payne
Stanford, Kentucky

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