Hoskins says elections are secure

Published 3:19 pm Monday, November 23, 2020

ElectionsAmerican elections are overwhelmingly safe and secure. Not one shred of concrete proof has been offered to substantiate allegations of balloting wrongdoing.

Yes, one PA court ruled that the Democratic Sec. of State could not extend the balloting deadline by 3 days for ballots ALREADY SUBMITTED but lacking proof of I.D. Frankly, one would think that every citizen would want ALL legal votes counted.

Yes, a former MI Senator, Patrick Colbeck made some fairly wild accusations, concerned that Trump got only 5% of Detroit votes. He neglected, however, to mention that in 2016 Trump received only 3% of Detroit votes. Plus Mr. Colbeck offers no proof whatsoever beyond his own words.

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On November 17th the PA Supreme Court ruled that no observer had the right to stand close enough to read the writing on a ballot. The distance at which they had been allowed was more than ample for viewing to ensure that ballots were not added/discarded.

The facts remain that – to this point – absolutely nothing beyond unsubstantiated accusations of wrongdoing have been submitted.

The New York Times offers a daily accounting regarding the processing of each allegation.

Dorothy Hoskins